Posted by: Diana Leagh Matthews | March 14, 2013

I’ve often had people ask me how I could stay in an abusive situation. It wasn’t easy, but there were so many factors. My Christian Communicator’s Conference sister, Barbara Evers, shares her story of abuse. In many ways this is similar to my story. I hope that it gives my dear readers some insight into what all abuse victims experience.

The Workbench of Faith

I didn’t understand why he thought yelling was appropriate at the time.  I nestled our crying baby against my shoulder and headed for the rocking chair in the nursery.  He continued to yell, and then, he shoved me.

Shock.  That’s all I felt at that point.  Then he shoved me again.  And again.  And again.

It made no sense to me.  The baby needed comforting.  Anyone with half a brain knew yelling and shoving me wouldn’t help the situation.  I would have shut the door on him, but he followed too closely to manage that.

After what felt like an impossible distance, compounded by stumbling every time he shoved, I made it to the rocker, sat down, and tried to comfort our daughter while my heart and mind raced over his actions.

But comforting my child wasn’t going to be easy.  Now that I was seated, he began kicking my…

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  1. Thank you for reposting Barbara’s great post. It’s a message that needs to get out! Love you, Diana!

    • Vonda, you know my story and how passionate I am about sharing abuse stories to make people more aware. Love you too!!!!

  2. Thanks Lee for sharing this powerful post and for giving hope to victims of abuse. Hugs!

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