Posted by: Diana Leagh Matthews | July 2, 2012

Dear Readers, I’ve missed sharing my heart with you. I’m still experiencing some technical difficulties. This is a great post by my friend, Glenda Mills. I encourage you to check out her website. Given the upcoming holiday, I thought I would share her words with you. I know I was able to relate about being a religious rebel. Can you?

Glenda Mills

It’s time to celebrate our Nation’s
Birthday…and mine.
America was born on July 4th 1776,
fighting for freedom.
I was Born on the 4th of July,
fighting for my life.

I was the second born of seven children. My parents taught me the love of family, God
and country. They bore witness to this truth: Jesus Christ is the Redeemer, the Lamb
of God who takes away the sins of the world.

I am the granddaughter of one who modeled the love of Jesus and the joy of the Lord.
My grandmother  bore witness to these truths: Heaven is our eternal home, and earth
is our dressing room. The place where we learn to love others as He first loved us.

Like many, I grew up wanting to know God. I went to church, sang in the choir, tried
to keep the traditions of the church—yet at home I was a  rebel; scrapping with my
siblings, striving for control.

I was the lost lamb sitting…

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  1. Diana, the flags look good on your site! Thanks again for the reblog!

    • You’re welcome Glenda. I can reblog and do things through HootSuite but I’ve just not been able to get an actual blog to go through. I find this so strange and not sure what the deal is. Thanks for such a great post. Have a Happy Birthday!

  2. Yes, Diana, I’m afraid I identified right away with being a religious rebel! Hope you get your tech stuff fixed soon.

    • Thanks Vonda! Working with Keiki on a new website. Can’t figure out what’s causing the issues here. Hopefully we’ll be up and running soon.

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